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Masturbation Health Issues

Warning: Avoid frequent or aggressive rubbing of penis... Frequent or aggressive rubbing of penis by oneself or others may cause penile health issues, including the penis health problems listed in this article. Using Man1 Man Oil can alleviate or repair damage to some of these health issues caused by frequent or aggressive rubbing of penis.

1. Frequent or aggressive rubbing of penile skin during manual stroking may cause microscopic cracks or breaks in skin of penis. These microscopic cracks may allow bacteria and virus to enter, travel and cause infection anywhere in the body.

2. Frequent or aggressive rubbing may damage penile cell neurons and decrease penile sensitivity eventually diminishing sexual pleasure

3. Frequent or aggressive rubbing excessively by manual stroking may cause urethral damage and may form urethral scar tissue. This, in turn, can lead to urethral stricture. diminish urinary stream and cause difficulty urinating or may decrease ejaculation volume.

4. Frequent or aggressive rubbing excessively by manual stroking may cause penis vein damage and can lead to penile circulatory problems such as erectile dysfunction or unsightly damaged small veins and capillaries.

5. Frequent or aggressive rubbing by powerful manual stroking action may cause damage to penile connective tissue that may result in Peyronie’s disease which is indicated by a slight upward curve of penis shaft or bending or shortening of penis shaft.

6. Manual frequent or aggressive rubbing of the penis may, over time, create a “callous” effect to penile skin that microscopically “toughens” penile skin. Callous-like areas of penile skin can diminish penile sensation

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Don't Ignore Penis Health

Many men are reluctant to talk to their health professional about common penis health issues. Dry penis skin, red, irritated penis skin, diminished penis sensitivity, sexual dysfunction, curved or bent erect penis are frequently ignored health concerns. If untreated these health issues can cause distressing side effects such as depression, withdrawal from sex, or relationship stress with spouse or partner. If being healthy and enjoying sex are two aspects of life that you take seriously then establish an intelligent treatment of penis health as part of your total health routine.. Enjoy life, begin a healthy penis regimen with Man1 today!

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Letters to Peppino

My penis skin had been dry for a long time and sometimes actually peeled a little bit and one time actually had cracks from being so dry. I saw on your web site that your product, Man1, could possibly help me with this problem. I’m using the Man1 cream now and have had very good results so I thought I would send you a note letting you know that I’ll be a repeat customer. Anthony (NYC)
Peppino Answers: Man1 is fabulous for dry, chafed, irritated penis skin…it works for me.

Hi just a quick note. I purchased some Man1 because I want my husband to stay healthy and I’m a firm believer in taking vitamins and important ingredients to maintain good health. I believe what you say exactly that supplying vitamins directly to the skin is the best way to deliver benefit to skin. We women use all kinds of beneficial skin crèmes….so why shouldn’t I make sure my husband gets equal healthy treatment. Janice (Portland, Oregon)
Peppino Answers: C’mon Janice, you forgot to mention the other reason you bought Man1 for your husband….you like holding his “best buddy” and gently rubbing the Man1 onto his skin, fess up !

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Why Man1™ MAN OIL™?

Penis Rash | Penis Treatment | Penis Feeling | Penis Symptoms | Red Penis Head | Penis Sensitivity | Penis Vitamins | Penis Itch | Dry Red Penis | Penis Skin Dry Massage Man1™ Man Oil™ gently into penis skin for complete absorption of vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants and nutrients needed to maintain penile health care.

This transdermal method of application of Man1™ nutrients directly to penis skin is much preferred over nutritional pills and powders that can have discomforting side effects. Plus oral supplements must circulate throughout the entire body where they may be depleted by the body’s other organs or excreted as waste before reaching the final targeted destination – the penis. Man1,however, is applied directly to the targeted area, where it can help enhance sensitivity, improve and maintain penis health, and rejuvenate and recondition penis skin.


What’s in Man1™ MAN OIL™

Penis Rash | Penis Treatment | Penis Feeling | Penis Symptoms | Red Penis Head | Penis Sensitivity | Penis Vitamins | Penis Itch | Dry Red Penis | Penis Skin Dry

Man1™ is For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or broken or inflamed skin. Keep out of reach of children. Man1™ is not intended for use with oral sex, use as a lubricant, use with a condom or for use by women. DO NOT SWALLOW Man1™ is not a contraceptive and does not prevent pregnancy. Man1™ is not a treatment or preventative for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Individual results may vary. Man1™ MAN OIL™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.