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This product works… I don’t write reviews but after dealing with a red glans and all the issues surrounding a search for something that works, I want others to know this stuff really works. I spent plenty on medications and cortisone creams that didn’t work. Man1 Man Oil resolved the problem in 3 days.

- Alex R. (verified buyer)

I’m not an adolescent any more. Tried Man1 Man Oil for more sensitivity. It Is working; I noticed in a day or two. It gives me a warm, slight tingle, even as I rub it on 2 times a day as instructed. Worth trying.

- Dennis C. (verified customer)

Rejuvenate dull, dry, wrinkled
penile skin and restore
a youthful appearance.


Protect the penile tissue against
chafing and irritation caused by
physical activity or rubbing
against clothing.


Minimize discoloration
of penile skin.

I had some dryness and tightness on the foreskin, so I decided to try this out. I went to the dermatologist, and they prescribed me a topical steroid creme that helped a bit but also seemed to burn or dry out skin even more. This helped me out way more than the prescription cream; so far, so good. It has controlled it back to normal. I use it every day, just a little bit in the morning and at night. Definitely worth a try if you have similar issues.

- Troy H. (verified customer)

Relieve dry, red, itchy, sore penile skin.


Smooth and restore peeling, cracked penile skin.


Revitalize penile sensitivity that has diminished from years of ‘rough handling’. Commitment To Quality

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Absolute game changer. I was having dryness issues which resulted in easy cuts that were painful. No longer an issue with the Man1 Man Oil l (though it’s more of a cream). It had an overnight impact. I continue to use a little every morning and night, and the results have been great. No more dryness, no more easy cracking/cutting etc. It’s brand new again!

- Gregger G. (verified buyer)

This product is really great for keeping my skin soft and healthy, as well as making it more sensitive (in a good way). It is also great for healing my skin if my wife and have had a lot of “activity” in a short period of time. My wife says the skin is very soft and smooth to feel.

- Eduardo P. (verified customer)

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