Penis Specific Vitamins and Minerals for Penis Health

Health professionals recommend that you use a combination of penis-select vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals often are best taken in the form of crémes or oils which permit direct and immediate absorption of vitamins and minerals into penis skin and tissue.

The most recommended vitamins and minerals for penile function and maintaining penis health are:

Acetyl L Carnitine — This penis supplement aids in maintaining penis sensitivity and protects the nerves of the penis from damage during aggressive sexual activity particularly masturbation.

Alpha Lipoic Acid — This is a powerful antioxidant and a penis supplement that reduces penile aging which is indicated by “wrinkled” penis skin or penis skin with discoloration.

L-arginine — This enzyme maintains penis health by enabling the blood vessels and capillaries of the penis to expand and operate effectively by increasing blood flows to and from the penis. This enzyme also promotes the penis’ formation of nitrous oxide, a naturally occurring element of the human body which relaxes blood vessels and permits firm erections. The formation of nitrous oxide is a by product and function of erection products like Viagra.

Vitamin A — This vitamin contains antibacterial properties, which protect the penis from invasive bacteria. Vitamin A helps eliminate penile odor caused by harmless bacteria that commonly inhabit genital area.

Vitamin B5 — This vitamin is for life sustenance and healthy penile function. Vitamin B5 is mandatory for penis cell metabolism and healthy maintenance and rejuvenation of all penile cells.

Vitamin C — This vitamin allows the penis skin to produce collagen, which maintains the skin’s elasticity and contributes to erectile function.

Vitamin D — A vitamin that is essential to penis health as it prevents illness by fighting disease. It is acclaimed as the “miracle” vitamin for its proven effectiveness in fighting diseases and enabling cell functionality. Vitamin D is a mandatory component of any penis health regimen.

Vitamin E and Shea Butter — These penis supplements aid in the rejuvenation of the skin of the penis and help avoid dry or chaffed skin. E and shea butter contribute to forming penis skin that is supple and healthy looking.

Penis-specific crémes or oils that contain these select vitamins and minerals will keep your penis healthy and functioning at peak performance and prevent common penis health problems that, unfortunately, afflict most men at some point in their lives.