Man1 Man Oil

Nutrient crème to treat dry, red, cracked or peeling penile skin and increase penile sensitivity

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RelieveRelieve dry, red, itchy, sore penile skin.

RevitalizeRevitalize penile sensitivity that has diminished from years of ‘rough handling’.

AvoidAvoid damage to connective tissue that can lead to a bent or curved penis.

RestoreSmooth and restore peeling, cracked penile skin.

RejuvenateRejuvenate dull, dry, wrinkled penile skin and restore a youthful appearance.

MinimizeMinimize discoloration of penile skin.

What People Are Saying:

“Man1 Man Oil saved my life! My penis was raw and sensitive and nothing I used helped heal it.. with one application of this cream, I noticed a 100% improvement.. within 2 days I was good as new!!”* Steve

“I don’t know if there are better products out there but my experience with this product was exceptional. At age 41, I got circumcision done. I lost lot of sensitivity and most dry chapped skin on Penis head. Prior to this, skin was always covered so there was no question of dryness. It was very unpleasant looking to say the least. After using Man 1 for couple of weeks, it looked like there was life back in penis as opposed to dry, crinkled looking.”*M.E.

“What I like most about this product is the absorption into the skin…it applies and absorbs very nice, not at all greasy. A small amount of daily use has made my skin much softer and more sensitive. Two thumbs up!”*Bruce
More Success Stories

“I have had success with using the Man1 Man Oil. I get some chafing due to hiking and it relieves the discomfort very nicely. I will continue to use this product.”*D. Reisinger