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Most men experience diminished penile sensitivity over time. Often, this is due to the abuse that the skin of the penis encounters on a daily basis. For instance,  continual rubbing against clothing, frequent sexual activity, or even the pressure of sitting for long periods of time may cause the skin to become “toughened” or “desensitized” through a process known as keratinization.

How to Prevent or Reverse Reduced Penile Sensitivity

Fortunately, there are steps men can take to avoid loss of penile sensitivity. In many cases, lost sensation can also be restored. Trying these steps can help bring the good feelings back:

  1. Experiment: Doing the same old thing every time can desensitize the neural pathways, reducing the ability to experience pleasure. Instead of masturbating or engaging in sex in the same way every time, why not try something different? Gently stroking or using items such as feathers or soft fabrics can help make the skin more reactive to a light touch.
  2. Tantalize the Senses: Rather than going straight for your penis when masturbating, touch yourself in other places first. Alternatively, have your partner run his or her hands gently over your body without touching your penis.
  3. Wear Softer Underwear: Changing the type of underwear that you wear allows your penis skin to breathe better and also decreases the amount of friction that your penis endures. Try wearing silk or another form of soft underwear for a month or two and see if this makes a differencce.
  4. Use a Moisturizer: Often, the biggest reason for skin desensitizing on the body is dryness, which can create a rough,  calloused barrier. Restoring moisture can promote healing and produce softer, more sensitive skin.  The best way to do this is to apply a penis-friendly moisturizing product that is safe for delicate skin, as well as rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Following these steps can help men to turn back the hands of time on overused skin, leading to improved bedroom performance and increased self-confidence. However, loss of sensation following an injury or accompanied by tingling or pain may be more serious. In these cases, it is always best to see a trained medical professional for treatment.