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About the Product

Men of all ages experience occasional penis skin problems that may cause redness, soreness, itching, and a dry, cracked, unattractive appearance. In addition, over 87% of all men report some loss of penis sensitivity. Man1 is specifically formulated to address these issues, with 9 penis-specific vitamins and minerals targeting penis skin, nerve and circulatory tissue. With daily application of Man1® Man Oil®, enjoy smoother, softer, healthier-looking skin and enhanced sensitivity to touch.

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Testimonials: See what our verified Amazon buyers are saying about Man1® Man Oil®

“Works exactly as described, no extra residue and quick to dry. Very happy with the results.

“Excellent product. Hydrates and restores elasticity and sensitivity. Also used on my 8 year-old son to help open his foreskin. We ran out and he asked me to buy him some more. He says it removes discomfort related to tight foreskin.

“I loved how quickly it reduced the dryness, and how quickly it increased the sensitivity. Plus the overall color and health is amazing compared to before!!!!

“I've been using this product for almost 11 months now. It works. Sensitivity, elasticity and longevity have all improved. I am hooked on it, and am on my third bottle now. It has really made difference in our love life. Sometime our love making can be so prolonged and intense I can get what feels like rug burns on my guy down there. That's over now.

“Certainly improves the color and healthy look and I've seen improvements in sensitivity!

“Arrived promptly. Discreet packaging. Used the whole bottle now, and ordered a competitors similar product. This one is much better.