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I had lost some sensitivity in my penis and after using your product for 3 months, I notice that my feeling is returning. Thank you so much

Ollie W. – Great Britain

My penis rash and irritation are gone. Good job you guys. My girlfriend thinks I look great.

Albert M. – Temple, AZ

I’ve been using man oil for a little over two months now and I’m pleased with the results. My penile skin has always been fine. However, I have a very active sexual life with my girlfriend and while I have no problem in achieving erections I found out that my penile sensitivity decreases after having sex very often. This results in long to achieve, and a few times inability to achieve orgasm. After using Man oil consistently I feel like my performance and sensitivity has improved noticeably and those episodes happen less and less often. One time I went on a business trip for a week and forgot my man oil at home. After returning I noticed loss of sensitivity again, which confirms that man oil was indeed helping me out. Other than the above, I like the warm sensation when I apply it and the fact that it’s easily absorbed by my skin after rubbing for about a minute and it’s not greasy.

Frank D. – Houston, TX

I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of this product and thus put off buying it for months.
I have used the product for about six weeks now and these are the results:
1. The dry and peeling skin right behind the head and on the shaft is no longer present.
2. The head and shaft remain soft and smooth. I realize this by the fact that after a shower (I do not use soap on the head or shaft and wear a ManHood in the shower), the head and shaft repel water which indicates that the product is still present plus some of my body’s own chemicals are still on the skin. Incidentally, I do wear a ManHood all day and night.
3. Sensitivity seems to have increased (which surprises me greatly).

I apply this product once a day right after getting out of the shower.

So, contrary to my doubts, this product seems to be effective and I like the results despite my initial skepticism.


I was surprised… I really didn’t know what to expect. But what you say is true. Every organ of my body deserves healthy treatment and I’m especially concerned about penis sensitivity… Man1 is great.

Leroy M. – Madison, WI

I’m writing to tell you that I’m a sexual therapist and I’ve recommended your product, Man1 Man Oil, to several of my patients who have felt depressed and worried about their sexual selves. I am also pleased to tell you that there have been noticeable differences in their overall attitudes as they exhibit enhanced sexual self-esteem.

Ann, Ph. D. – New York, NY

I bought Man 1 Man oil, and I really like it. I noticed that my skin got so much better. It looks clean, smooth without any red spots.

Felipe R.

I’m a real fitness buff and take more than my fair share of health supplements. I thought all the vitamins I take would have a beneficial effect on my entire body, including my penis. But my penis skin gets dry and itchy, probably because I sun tan nude and shower several times a day. Your article about how penis-specific vitamins and other nutrients need to be applied directly to penis skin is absolutely correct. Man1 Man Oil solved the problem.

Luis M. – Manhattan Beach, CA

As a health professional I was very doubtful about this product’s ability to improve sensitivity. I am in my mid-60’s and have noticed a decided loss of sensitivity over the past few years. I realized I had to try something when I began to lose my erection after penetration due to lack of tactile stimulation. I read several reviews of Man1. I have been applying it twice daily for around 6 weeks now. I have to say that I have noticed that my sensitivity has improved over the past few weeks. My last experience with my wife was the best experience i have had in months.


I am a true skeptic but out of necessity I tried Man1 Man Oil. I’ve only used it for a couple days and I am very pleased with the results; dry itchy skin is no longer irritated. For the past several months I’ve tried many OTC products which produced minimal results or made the symptoms worse. This product produced favorable results after the first application, and as added bonus the relief has increased sensitivity.